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To be the master leader in the excellence of Pre-school education in Sri Lanka


To guide kids to reach their potential excellence in the roots of Pre-school education and in disciplines that will inspire admiration


Wisdom and Virtue

The School

The present building of Guiding Steps is a home to every child which comprises of three floors including 10 state of the art class rooms. All classes are equipped with neatly arranged learning materials which are prepared to meet the day to day curriculum within a child friendly environment. The establishment also comprises of a large play garden, a swimming pool and other indoor and outdoor activity corners promoting learning, fun and play. The school is well maintained with clean floors and bathrooms to ensure a safe and healthy environment is always created for kids. The school is also surrounded by a high parapet wall to ensure security and safety. The school is located almost at Pelawatta junction at No.449/3, Talangama South, Pannipitiya Road, Pelawatta within a very safe surrounding area just 75 meters from the main road.


Guiding Steps International Pre-school Montessori in Sri Lanka was established in year 2003 and was born to light on 18th March 2004 at a peaceful residential area in Ethul Kotte. A colourful opening ceremony with Kandyan dancing and drum beats saw the school been declared open by Chief Guest Mrs. Reiko Yamaguchi, wife of Dr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi of the Japanese Embassy. She was warmly welcomed by the Directress Mrs. Mohara Jacob in the presence of a few Sri Lankan and Japanese parents whose children were registered as the first few admissions.

Fun games, play and practical exercises were introduced as an initial base to encourage the development of inner abilities and competencies in children whilst careful attention was also given to groom their disciplines and values towards the right direction. Subsequently the school ventured out introducing the curriculum of the AMI Montessori Education System within a planned systematic process thus exposing kids to many learning experiences.

The school’s first ever unofficial concert was held in October 2004 at the school premises at Ethul Kotte which was witnessed by the parents of our small group of children. In September 2005, the school organized the first ever Art Exhibition at Lionel Wendt Art Gallery and Mrs. Karube, the wife of the Second Ambassador of the Japanese Embassy was the Chief Guest. In September 2006 the first ever official concert was held at Bishops College Auditorium with Dr.Aberre Bekelle, Head of UNICEF presiding over as Chief Guest. The first ever Christmas Carol was held in December 2006 with the passing out of the first batch of little Graduates.

The first ever school sports-meet was held in April 2007 which was declared open by two past students of the first batch.


The Head of Guiding Steps International Pre-school Montessori is Directress Mrs. Mohara Jacob. She is a qualified Pre-school teacher with years of teaching experience in the USA, Japan and in Sri Lanka. Her love and care for children, motivated by a high sense of determination and commitment to performance has attributed much to accomplish and achieve the objectives of Pre-school education at large.

The Pre-school undertakes kids between the age groups of 2+ to 5+ years of age in the classes of Play Group, Upper Play Group, Nursery and Kindergarten. A Toddler Group is also available for kids between the ages of 2 to 2+ years. Guiding Steps also accommodates a Day Care that undertakes the needs and cares of children between the age groups of 1+ to 12 years. Over the years Guiding Steps has produced over 1,000 past students who are now progressing well in their primary and secondary education in other local schools and international schools in Sri Lanka and overseas.

The curriculum is based on the AMI and Montessori system that enables kids to maneuver confidently the very basics of Pre-school education, thus assuring a child’s knowledge, skills and abilities to develop to greater levels alongside with good disciplines prior to been graduated. Thus we intend producing a child full of admiration, confident to undertake the lessons of primary and secondary education and to grow up to be productive to society and to the nation as a whole. The staff of Guiding Steps is committed for this purpose.


Boys – Dark blue short trouser and light blue tee-shirt
Girls – Dark blue skirt and light blue tee-shirt

Teacher Staff

The policy requires all teacher staff personnel to be qualified Diploma holders of the AMI / Pre-school
Education System with Advanced Level passed and be competent in the English Language.

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No: 449/3, William Place
Pannipitiya Road
Thalangama South
Sri Lanka

Telephone: +94 112 786 539

Email: guidingsteps@preschool.lk