Every teaching method sparks moments of learning. The mind of a child is like a sponge – absorbing everything and always ready to learn something new. The primary goal of the Pre-school education is to help children reach their full potential.

The curriculum focuses on the individual child, his needs and interest which is based on,

Practical Life Skills – The concept allows a child to find material for exercised of his everyday life. These activities help the child to properly take care of himself so that he will feel independent and does not need to rely on an adult to attend to his basic needs.

Sensorial – The concept allows a child to refine each of his senses through various activities. He will be able to organize his thoughts and objects in his environment.

Language – The concept of language is taught through a specific progression of lessons where he is made aware of different sounds in a word. The child then learns the language phonetically until the point where he is taught the different rules in a given language and the exceptions to those rules he will need to know in order to spell and read fluently.

Mathematics - The concept allows a child to first learn to count from 1 to 10 with the understanding that those numbers represent a specific amount. Through each material, the child will learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and truly understand what each one means in their deeper sense. Through this method, a child is offered an understanding of mathematics.

Cultural Studies, Science, Development of Social Behaviour and Physical Activity are also part of the curriculum.

As early childhood education is to guide and cultivate a child’s natural desire to learn and absorb, the curriculum is adopted to be an aid to life. It is also prepared to enhance creativity, innovation and individuality with much concentration and motivation.

To achieve the full benefit of early childhood education, it is important that a child should spend at least three academic years with us. A child who has spent this amount of time in our environment must ideally seek admission to Grade 1 in a Primary school.

Therefore the AMI – Montessori education system is the right choice for your child that is fully undertaken at Guiding Steps.

Kids at Guiding Steps are happy, Joyful, self motivated and enthusiastic learners

Better socialized and are able to solve their own areas of concern

Fluent readers who are also able to understand mathematical concepts

In possession of natural self esteem

Courteous, compassionate and respectful in their interactions

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