Undertakes the care and supervision of kids beyond the age of 1+ years up to 13 years. In addition to undertaking the care of all their needs within a clean and friendly environment, the Daycare is also adopted to provide room to play and room to grow and develop in a safe, happy and encouraging atmosphere.



Computer Lab

Computer Room

Supported with one computer per child (No sharing) conducted by Gateway Kids School of computing. The programs are conducted according to the British Curriculum that leads to higher qualifications in IT.





Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

The Pre-school includes a training swimming pool where kids aged 2+ years and above are trained by the Rainbow Swimming Academy under the guidance and supervision of Head Coach of the Academy.





Play Garden

Play Ground

The play ground is a 20 perch grass area with play toys and play equipment to support the physical and mental development of children.






Play Ground

The library consists of more than 500 books with various resources and programs to stimulate brain development. It is also the children’s corner mixed with fun and laughter.





Art and Craft Room

Art Room

The Art Room is designed to engage children to put together their creative thoughts into an art. It is also a calm environment that offers art as a therapy to increase children’s self esteem, self confidence and independence. The art room is also designed to provide creative thinking through arts and crafts especially for children who disengage themselves from the pressures of mainstream education, a chance to be creative in a safe and relaxed environment.


Science Corner

Science Corner

This is corner that provides an opportunity for grown up kids to share some of the work that they have done with science and how they have brought it further into their own interest and lives. This corner also encourages kids to come out with their little ideas and experiments done with basic material to show others and have fun.



Maths Corner

A corner that is designed to encourage kids in their mathematical ability.






Furnished Class Rooms

Furnished Class Rooms



Activities & Events

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