Our association with Mrs.Mohara Jacobs and Guiding steps started in 2010. Shahen our eldest son was two years away from joining S.Thomas College and we were quite concerned that he would be behind the other children, as he was yet to read or write properly. By the end of 2011 our son Shahen had transformed from a child who was unsure of himself to one that was full of confidence. What struck us the most was that he was always eager to learn and was not afraid to make mistakes. By the end of his stay at Guiding steps he was more than well equipped to take on a new frontier. Today Shahen is doing very well in his studies and his sports and his personality is one of a confident young boy who is unafraid and keen to take on new challenges. If not for Mrs.Jacobs and Guiding steps Shahen would not be the confident and fearless young boy who cant wait to take on the world.

Naturally Guiding steps was a no brainer for our youngest son Shenal. As the saying goes the second one is the mischievous one. Shenal is no exception and he was very happy to be at home rather than go to nursery. We still remember the first days, where we had to drag him to the school gate. Mrs.Jacobs would greet him at the gate and take him in her arms, her reassurance would always calm him down and in a matter of minutes he would walk away with her – hand in hand. Shenal will be joining his brother in College next year and we are at ease as we know he will be more than ready. Thanks to the wonderful preparation Guiding Steps has given him.

Wishing Guiding Steps all the success.

- Suresh and Michelle Wijesinghe

Getting the right foundation is an important first step to any toddler. Guiding Steps with their highly competitive staff gave my son everything he needed to know and built an innovator in the making.

Zayd today is at Gateway College performing well in his education and excelling in his extra curricular activities.

- Zabreena Inthikab

My daughter Ranudi started at Guiding Steps when she was 2+ years of age. Definitely school helped to build up the courage and confidence which helped her so much to be independent. But sadly she had to leave Guiding Steps as she got selected to Museaus College. Once again thank you so much as she faced her interview very well at only 3 years - she was confident enough to walk on her own. I also want to thank the Directress for accompanying my twin sister’s 2 children for 3 months with love and care without charging a penny when she visited me during the period when tsunami hit Japan. Mrs. Jacob I am so grateful for what you have done for me, my daughter and my sister’s two daughters. May God bless you and may you succeed...

- Rumenika

My loving son Visal joined his little hands at Guiding Steps International in 2009 January when he was 3 yrs old. It was a lovely, warm and caring place to the little once. Especially the Directress Mrs. Mohara Jacob and the entire staff were always there to fulfill the dreams of the parents and the kids alike.

Visal never forgot to pluck some flowers from our garden and give it to his dear teachers everyday as to show his love to them because he felt happy when he was around them.

They not only had classroom activities but also enjoyed outdoor activities such as going on field trips, celebrating National festivals, art exhibitions, summer camps etc. They had a really wonderful time. Every Thursday was an experimental day which was full of excitement. These little scientific works sharpened my son's future dream ambition to become a NASA Scientists

Your wonderful guiding hand on my son's shoulder will remain with him forever. I will never forget the part that the Guiding Steps have played in my son’s life and my gratitude will be...lifelong!

All the best!

- Lakmali Adikari

“I always say this when parents inquire about Guiding Steps International from me. I see the Directress Mrs.Mohara Jacob as an angel in disguise who came to my rescue. My son was just 20 months when I sent him to her. I was a young working mother struggling to find proper care for my baby. Opting to send him to the Toddler Group and then to the Day Care was a very bold decision I took but certainly one of the wisest decisions.

The care and attention the children received at Guiding Steps is remarkable and the magic that Mohara creates with her young kids is extraordinary. I am constantly awed by how Mohara remembers every child by name and how she greets every child she comes across in the morning. She is always hands on.

I saw the changes taking place in the little one in a matter of days. He became more settled, attentive and the best was when he was enjoying himself! What more could I ask for?

This was eight years ago and since then even my daughter has been at Guiding Steps and continues to be a part of the school by getting involved in the numerous other activities and opportunities provided by the school.

Guiding Steps laid a firm foundation for my children which have helped them greatly in their primary education. I am forever indebted to Mohara and her dedicated staff for taking such great care of my children.

I wish all the very best to Guiding Steps from the bottom of my heart and may they achieve great things in the years to come.

- Probo Senavirathne

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